This clip is from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Here, the two men are shown to be "huffing" ether.

This clip is from an ABC broadcast educating the public on the dangers of inhalants.

EtherFool. "Real Ether Binges: experience with Ethyl Ether (ID 16243)". Jul 24, 2002.

"It all started when my friend J.R. made me watch fear and loathing for the very first time. When I heard the part where he said' the ether is was the only thing that worried me' I wanted some. J.R. said 'lets get some ether' ok, right I thought. we are gonna just pull a pint out of our ass. he made a phone call and within an hour we had a pint of raw ether in our hands. it was all downhill from here. turns out he had a friend of a friend that worked in a lab. anywho, we found an American Flag(how appropriate i thought) and he soaked the rag and huffed like a fein. then it was my turn. it smelled like ass, but i kept huffing for about 30 seconds. then handed it back to him.

my entire body was completely numb, complete loss of all motor skills, and i heard what sounded like a freight train hauling ass 20 feet away. i was also laughing my ass off at this point. i tried to walk, but really didn't think i would be able to. i was able to walk, but i didn't want to, i just wanted sit back down and do more. the numbing goes away and then comes back for a minute and so on and so forth. i could hear everything that was going on, but i didn't know what the hell was happening because i would just look at my poor friend who was worse off than i was at the moment and just laugh. i wanted more. alot more.

after we stopped having laughy time we sat back and enjoyed our surroundings and the sounds. no hullucinations, just sounds magnified by about 100 times over. i could hear the freeway 10 miles away. at the same time in my head i could here do do, do do, do do, do do, do do do do do do, like the end of the loony tunes theme song. if you have done ether, you know what i am talking about. i saw little shades of red and green. kind of like a black and white movie, but instead of blank and white, it was red and green. but the shades consist of tiny red and green dots that make up the whole thing. it's like watching a movie in red and green, but not like heavy heavy, just a slight shade of it.

i sound like a loon i know. anyways. i have had many many ether binges several lasting for 6-9 hours of straight, hardcore bingeing. ether affects everybody in the same exact way. i have proven this many many times. when somebody new does ether with me, i can tell them exactly what they hear, feel, and see. when you getr into a hardcore binge, your mind goes in a circle, it's kind of like putting your brain on a merry-go-round and the motherfucker is spinning at 100mph, but the rest of your body is standing there watching it, and your brain is saying to your body' oh, shit, i forgot you were there, let me get off this thing and back into my head, but by that time, you have already gone around the merry-go-round once more and you forget again and start thinking about something else and then in a few seconds you see your body standing there again. and on and on the cycle goes.

Ether is DejaVu. Ether is the neverending world of endless thoughts. Ether makes your brain go into a circular thought pattern, while you are also numb and you forget your body is there. but then you snap out for a second and try to be normal again, but then you forget again. around and around it goes. I have been sitting in a chair bingeing and i would be thinking of something and it's like you are actually there again when you went to the mall and saw that phat pair of pants and then ate ice cream with your girlfriend and then you look down and you are not at the mall, you are sitting in a chair in your backyard and you go on to another thought for a minute and then it hits you again."